Friday Photo!

Every Friday we post a photo from one of IJNR’s Institutes – just for something fun and different, and because who wants to read more news on a Friday afternoon anyways?

Extra credit to Fellows who can correctly name any of the following: a) which Institute the photo represents, b) where the photo was taken, c) what’s happening in the photo, and d) (when applicable) names of any people who may appear in the photo. Send us your answers in the comment section, or via Facebook!

So, the Friday Photo for 8/10:

Photo by Deanna Lynn Wulff

About IJNR

IJNR (Institutes for Journalism & Natural Resources) is a non-profit organization that increases public awareness of natural resource issues through hands-on professional development programs for journalists.
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One Response to Friday Photo!

  1. Well, this week’s Friday photo is an easy one for me. That’s a picture of downtown Toledo, taken by Maumee Valley Institute fellow Deanna Wulff during our first evening at our downtown hotel on the west bank of the Maumee River. She’s looking north towards Lake Erie at the lights of the bascule lift bridge that takes Cherry Street over the river – it’s called the Martin Luther King Bridge.

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